Geologic Wonders Itinerary


Explore a bountiful landscape filled with geologic marvels.

  • Enjoy lunch with a view at Mosier Company, where the rotating menu really shines during berry harvest.
  • No matter the season, it’s always a good time for wine here. The region’s unique geology shapes how grapes are grown, resulting in unparalleled wines. Sip at the biodynamic vineyard of Analemma Wines in a tasting room made from reclaimed wood.
  • Hidden behind orchards on the 1910 Mayerdale Estate is Garnier Vineyards with panoramic views.
  • Across the road, Idiot’s Grace offers tours of its organic vineyard, surrounded by 75-year-old cherry trees.
  • Both Mayerdale, home to Columbia View Orchards, and Idiot’s Grace offer U-pick opportunities.
  • Call ahead for pick-up from nearby Annie’s Apricots.
  • Take Huskey Road to Lopez Farm, perched high above Mosier, for cherry picking.
  • Next door Runcible Cider’s farm stand sells cider made of local fruits; sip with a view of the syncline.
  • Continue east, observing the terrain’s sheared basalt curves and stop at Rowena Crest for a bird’s-eye view.
  • End your day in The Dalles at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center to learn more about this special landscape.