Why Support Local?

Whether you are traveling (or just visiting the next town over), there are always good reasons to support your local producers.


  • Local food tastes better. When foods are consumed, purchased, or processed in season, closer to their harvest, they bring along freshness, more flavor, and unique qualities. Leveraging local and seasonal products allows you to highlight the fresh, local flavors in season and beyond.
  • Local food lasts longer. Fresh produce begins to lose nutrients, flavor and quality the moment it’s picked. The average veggie travels 1,500 miles and takes 7 days to reach the grocery store shelves. Local produce is picked at peak freshness. 
  • Buying local food means investing in our local community. If 20% of the food we eat was purchased directly from a local farmer, we’d keep $9.6 million extra in the Gorge
  • Buying local supports local farmers and the local economy. Farmers make 72% more when you buy direct. Farmers are small business owners that create meaningful employment opportunities.  
  • Small farmers and food producers rely on you. Like many restaurants and specialty markets, small farmers and food producers rely on local customers. Help cultivate a cycle of local support by purchasing from producers in your community.  Visit Gorge Grown’s “Who’s Your Farmer” Page for more resources.

East Gorge Food Trail Video produced by Travel Oregon